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Air Bag Jacks

air lifting bag The air lifting bag is a reinforced, molded inflatable jack. Airbags can be positioned in tight or confined spaces with as little as 25mm clearance.

Airbags may be used for lifting in several different industries such as construction, manufactured homes, house moving, mining, military, railroad and fire/rescue.

All of our air lifting bags feature:

  • Made up of Kevlar aramid fiber consisting of five layers
  • Complete Kit includes Single Safety Relief and Control Valve, Air Hose and Industrial Nipple with Valve
  • High quality and made in USA
  • 12 months warranty
These jacks are not usually held in stock but are available to order. Delivery time is usually from 4 to 8 weeks.
air bag jack with valves, hose and connectors
ModelTon Lift HeightMore details
HR12105K13 ton 190mm lift Specifications
HR12107K22 ton 230mm lift Specifications
HR12109K32 ton 330mm lift Specifications
HR12112K50 ton 430mm lift Specifications
HR12113K70 ton 460mm lift Specifications

Safety Instructions and Manual

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